25 years of experience in Aerospace & Defense

ELIOS is an engineering company with capability to design, manufacturing and testing monitoring, control and power electronic systems

Covering the entire development cycle of a system/equipment. From the architecture definition, optimised to meet custom requirements, to on-site qualification and integration of the delivered systems




Versatility and Experience with a wide range of Management, Hardware and Software development tools

Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis and specification definition

Architectural & Preliminary Design

Architecture definition and preliminary design

Detailed Design

Detailed design: Electronical, Electrical, Thermo-mechanical, SoftWare and FirmWare

Manufacturing & Testing

Manufacturing of prototypes and on-board units
Qualification and Acceptance Testing

Support & Maintenance

Support and maintenance, Upgrades, Training and obsolescence management

Products and Heritage

Systems for the monitoring and control of advanced and complex installations. Interfacing with each of its subsystems and components to retrieve and monitor its status information and allow its control, both automatically or manual control by an operator.

Modelling of existing energy and power systems to analyse its efficiency and identify improvements.


Design of taylored electromechanical products. Stating with the analisys of the specific needs to establish the requirements, we perform an optimum design to meet those customised requirements, to create a taylored product. 

25 years of sucessful work in the aerospace and defence business allow us to offer experienced services for the analysis of companies, projects and processes, evaluate the market value, prepare Management and Project plans and help with its implementation.